Time Frames Marking Time

2014, Westbeth Gallery, NYC

Exhibition features the work of artists who engage time as a palpable presence, co-curated with Elisa Decker. Exhibiting artists: Mara Alper, Fran Beallor, Stefan Beltzig, Elisa Decker, Gwen Fabricant, Liza Folman, Tony Foster, Ellen Grossman, Valerie Huhn, Suzanne Kelser, Gwyneth Leech, Barbara Lubliner, John Mendelsohn, Elaine Norman, Jeffrey Allen Price, Ronnie Seiden-Moss, Drew Shiflett, Linda Stillman, and Tamara Wyndham

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Installation view with Elisa Decker's From My Perch installation on the far wall and Ronnie Seiden-Moss's Walk Together installation on the floor.
365 - A Year in Cups by Gwyneth Leech
mixed media on upcycled paper coffee cups
Dimensions variable
Installation view
Installation view showing Pentre Ifan III by Liza Folman
Elucidation: Everything That Can Go Wrong (Doesn't Have To) by Ellen Grossman
metallic gel pen on blue paper
25 x 39 inches
Daily Paintings, detail: 2011 by Linda Stillman
acrylic on paper on panels
Each month: 15 or 18 x 14 x 3/4 inches
Ross Gallery - Week of May 19, 2013 by Elaine Norman
inkjet AP print on archival paper with additional handwriting
11 x 8 1/2 inches
A Self Portrait a Day 2010 (detail) by Fran Beallor
pencil, colored pencil, pen & ink and/or watercolor on archival fine art papers
365 works on paper - 8 x 8 inches each
Stacking Up I, Bethune, and Stacking Up II by Jeffrey Allen Price
Winter Fog by Stefan Beltzig
color pencil on paper
23 x 29 inches
Polaroid Fingerprint Grid by Valerie Huhn
Polaroids, pigment ink, foam-core
32 x 82 inches
Yellow Hands with Blood by Tamara Wyndham
menstrual blood, watercolor and acrylic on paper
12 x 16 inches
Untitled #60 by Drew Shiflett
watercolor, paper pulp, cheesecloth, handmade paper
45 x 54 x 2 inches
Chinese Tallow, Elephant Ear by Gwen Fabricant
gouache, pastel, colored pencil, graphite, laser print on paper
14 x 11 inches
Crisscross 1 by John Mendelsohn
acrylic on canvas
48 x 35 inches
Yugoslavia by Suzanne Kelser
Ink on Paper, text transfer
38 x 25 inches