Work that utilises time itself as a component of the work.

Art Nurses interact with voluntary patients using Dada and Fluxus inspired diagnostic methods to give art health check-ups and to prescribe imaginative cures.
I have been art nursing with the Day de Dada performance art collective since 2015.

Performances celebrating strong women, feminist pioneers, and the power of nurturing.

Performance breast muscles are based on "Muscle" sculpture, which can be seen in the "Paper & Stone - about gender" section.

The year I stopped dyeing my hair.

"No More Dy(e)ing" reflects the mirror's view of my daily self-inspection the year I stopped dying my hair. A bell marking the date and name of someone who died during that year periodically interrupts the flow.

The video installation addresses growing older and facing mortality.

An octahedron is built from 30 2-liter plastic bottles in approximately 5 minutes.

While toy rattles give pleasure worldwide, to be rattled is to be upset and distressed.

Using welded rattled sculptures, a xylophone, and a table, anxious, caged feelings are exposed and transformed into play through a series of whimsical gestures.